As we come to the end of the year it's always worth putting some time aside to review your current marketing activity and making sure your website is ready for the next 12 months should be a big part of that process. 
The world wide web is moving at lightning speed and keeping up while you are trying to run your business isn't always easy. To help out, we have put together a list of five helpful things you might want to check before the end of the year. 
1) Have you moved? 
If you have moved to a different office in the last 12 months then it's worth double checking the address displayed on your website. Your address will appear on your 'contact us' page, in your website footer (at the bottom), and if you have a privacy policy it may also appear there as well. It's really important to also check your Google business listings and any business listing indexes that you may also appear on, as Google will pick up on the consistency of your trading addresses as published across the web. 
2) Update your blog/news page 
If you are updating your website with a blog post or news update, it's worth putting a fresh post on early in the new year. This way the page won't look out of date at the start of the year. 
3) Update/refresh images 
With a good CMS (Content Management System) this should be an easy one, and replacing a few images is a great way of refreshing your website with a few clicks. If you have photographs of some recent projects then these can be used to update your gallery. Make sure all images are of a good quality and are re-sized correctly for the website. If you use stock images on your website then it may be worth replacing some of the old ones with newer, fresher images. There are plenty of pay-per-pic stock libraries to choose from these days so finding good quality, affordable images should be easy. Just make sure any images you add to your website are not restricted by copyright before you add them to your website. 
4) Check all of your calls-to-action 
It's really important you're not missing any new business opportunities, and if a form does not work or there's an incorrect phone number on your website, this could cost you your next big project or sale. Test your forms yourself to see where the enquiry ends up, and call your office number via your website to make sure it dials the correct number. It's also worth doing similar checks of your Google My Business listing and any other online business listings.  
5) Still not mobile friendly? 
I know this sounds like a silly question to ask in 2019, but you would be surprised how many websites we see that are still not compatible with mobile phones, tablets and small screens.  
There are two really important reasons why you should be investing in this upgrade as soon as possible: 
A) Most web searches are made on tablets and mobile telephones these days, so it’s really important that users are given the best experience possible when they view your website on these smaller screens. You want to make it easy for people to find out what you do and make contact with you as quickly as possible. 
B) Google now gives priority to mobile-ready websites over non-mobile ready websites, meaning that a mobile-ready site will be given more visibility. If your competitors’ websites are mobile ready, then the chances are they will be listing higher than you. 
We hope these tips are helpful, if you are interested in learning more we are happy to give your website a FREE health check, just click here, enter your details and we will respond within 24 hours. 
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