Who are your customers? What is their age range, are they mainly male / female and what’s their annual income? 
Knowing who your customers are is very important because it affects every aspect of the design. A site that would appeal to women over 70 would not be very interesting to men in their twenties for example. Breakdowns like this also make a difference when considering search engine optimization and social media integration. So it’s important for you and your designer to understand your audience. 
What is your trading geographical area and what towns, cities do you cover? 
This is very important because if you are trading locally your designer should focus Meta data, pages headings and website content to reflect this. People tend to search for a service or product followed by the location, for example website designers in Colchester would be a good search. This is also important when setting up or amending your Google Places account. 
If you were searching for your own services what key words and phrases would you use. 
Everyone uses the www differently and depending on the industry specific, words and phrases will be popular. It’s important for your designer to understand these key search terms to get maximum exposure for your website. It is possible to review how popular search terms are via the Google Adwords keyword tools. 
Who are your main competitors? 
If your designer knows who you are competing against they can determine what seems to be working well and not as well for others in your industry. They should not be copying what others are doing but learning what works and does not work for your specific industry sector. 
What sets your business apart? 
Your website is your chance to set yourself apart from other businesses in your sector and area. Every business has something unique to offer and your designer needs to know about it. It doesn’t have to be anything life changing, it could be something simple, like offering a free consultation or emphasising a specific unique service or product. So have a think about what you can offer and how you can offer it better then start shouting about it. 
I hope this is helpful if you would like to read my 10 Tips to help SME’s improve their website visibility locally without spending any money click here… 
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