02/12/2016 We are really pleased to announce the appointment of Victoria Heddle as Client and Marketing Support assistant 

Victoria has been appointed to support all it'seeze Colchester and Ipswich clients, with website editing, general support and helping our clients make their websites as effective as possible. 
With a background in customer service, she is already building a good Rapport with our clients and quickly learning the it'seeze content management system. 

29/11/2016 A new website for The Colchester Language Academy 

Our aim is to inspire students learn English, Spanish and a range of diverse language courses at ease. 
Our multi-faceted language courses not only help students learn varied languages but also the culture behind it.  
We impart English lessons, Spanish, Italian, German and other languages as required. All these complete lessons are meant for adult and children. 

25/11/2016 A new website for Plushclean Ipswich 

Specialist Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners based in Ipswich and servicing both domestic and commercial clients in Suffolk.  
Plushclean provide a friendly, personal cleaning service whilst offering value for money. 
From the smallest job to the largest project, from an emergency call out to a planned maintenance we can offer you peace of mind safe in the knowledge that we’re getting on with the job responsibly, reliably and professionally. 

04/11/2016 Website and logo designed for a new company... 

Consider My Home are a new company based just outside Colchester who offer practical advice to those wanting to improve their property ready for sale.  
We have realised over the years that although many potential buyers offer kind words and show excitement when viewing our precious homes, the truth may not always be told. 
Consider My Home asked it'seeze Colchester to design their company logo, establish their brand and develop their new website. It's not live yet but you can get a sneak preview by clicking on the image opposite. 

02/11/2016 Add a Blog to your website 

It'seeze Max and Commerce website clients now have the ability to add a Blog feature to their website without extra cost or development.  
The clever guys at it'seeze head office have developed a fully integrated solution that's super easy to setup and manage.  
They have also created a short video tutorial to help clients understand how to setup and run their new Blog. 

21/10/2016 it'seeze wins an award..  

We are really pleased to announce we have won our first award at the COLBEA AGP held on the 20th October at Wivenhoe House Colchester. 
Our award was for Best Tenant 2016 and we were recognised for our commitment to COLBEA, organising and supporting networking events and supporting both new and established business owners within COLBEA with website design and on-line marketing services. 
Thanks to all the team at COLBEA for this award and I look forward to being an active member of the community in the future.  
Website Design Colchester

14/10/2016 We are expanding again... 

and recruiting for a Part Time Client & Marketing Support person based in The Colchester Business Centre. Working with our forward thinking, progressive digital marketing company you will need to be telephone confident with an outgoing personality and be able to build rapport with our local clients. 
Full it'seeze CMS training will be given, however it would be helpful if you were familiar with Excel and the main social platforms. 
Please contact Oliver for more information on oliver.brock@itseeze.co.uk or 07906 271 463 or send us your CV http://www.itseeze-colchester.co.uk/vacancies/ 

05/10/2016 We've made it to the top 100! 

We are really pleased to have made it into the top 100 in this competition and we are keeping our fingers crossed.  
The Big Business Boost is the FREE business competition celebrating innovative businesses and entrepreneurs in Essex. Funded by the Essex Innovation Programme through Essex County Council, the BIG Business Boost is aimed at identifying and enabling the most exciting businesses in Essex. Read more here. 

30/09/2016 Should you put your price or price range on your website? 

It’s a question I often get asked when I speak to perspective clients and it’s always a difficult one to answer. Of course, there are pros and cons depending on your industry, service, products and price point. 
Our website www.itseeze-colchester.co.uk does display our packages and pricing structure and many people tell us that it was the main reason they called. Our prices and packages are clear and easy to understand so people feel they know what they are getting before they make contact. 
That’s not to say this works for everyone! Promoting the prices for some services or products is just not possible without a consultation first - especially if you cannot bundle your products or services into a package without establishing the needs of your prospective client first. Having said this, I still think it’s important to give an indication of price or a range of expected costs as early in the process as possible because it’s one of the biggest questions we need to answer. 
Trust: Customers may be put off by companies who are not forthcoming with their fees and costs. They simply won’t make contact because they will assume that the cost is too high or too low for them. You'll never know just how many potential clients you've lost because they never contacted you because the 'assumed' what your costs would be. 
Price range: Some customers like to understand a ballpark price range before they make contact to avoid wasting their time and effort later. 
Clear pricing: Today’s consumer expects clear pricing. Just take a look at your own buying habit - if there isn't a clear pricing structure or at least a guide price then would you just move onto another website to find that information? 
Marketing to solve your clients problems: Your company website is there to help establish your brand and reputation and your aim is to solve your clients problems at a reasonable / fair price. So you need to convince your visitors of your transparency and the fact you are trustworthy as quickly as possible so hiding your prices defeats that objective. 
Some business owners may not publish their prices for a range of reasons - the most common being fear of losing the prospect before they make contact and/or not wanting to give away important information to competitors. 
Although the 'hidden price approach' may have worked a few years ago, today’s consumers don’t like one of their main questions being left unanswered, as they are time short and hungry for information. 

22/09/2016 Check out our new roller banner... 

Check out our brand new roller banner in time for our stand at the Colchester Business Centre AGP. 
The banner was designed in house and printed within and delivered within 5 working days, if you have an exhibition or networking event in the near future and would like us to design your bespoke banner give us a call. 

19/09/2016 Celebrating 7 years trading in Colchester 

We are really happy to announce that it'seeze Colchester are celebrating 7 years trading. 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients (past and present) friends, supporters, partners and anyone who we have connected with during this fantastic journey. 
As with anything worthwhile it's been hard work to establish ourselves as one of the leading and trusted website design companies in Colchester and we strive to continue to support all our clients and partners moving forward. 
Thank you, Oliver & Team. 

09/09/2016 A new website and re-brand on it's way... 

We are really happy to announce that Elms Plumbing & Heating have asked it'seeze to create their new website to help develop their client base and extend their range of services. 
The new website will include a page dedicated to bathroom installations, a dedicated page talking about Kitchen installation and a new testimonials page. Look out for the new website to follow soon. 

Happy 25th birthday to the World Wide Web 

On August 23, 1991, new users for the first time were able to access the Web. The occasion is also known as Internaut Day. 

18/08/2016 A new website designed for Bouncers Farm Campsite on it's way... 

This unique campsite is nestled in an ancient woodland, with the coast and its many little-known beaches just four miles away, it's an unusual and nourishing escape from the city. 
You can view the new website here very soon, we just need to run a few final tests before we go live. 

11/08/2016 How do you score? 

As you would expect our own website gets 10/10 (perfect) for being mobile friendly but how does your website score? 

08/08/2016 A new website for Joanna's Canine Design 

Providing professional dog grooming services in Sudbury and surrounding villages for a few years Joanna's Canine Design asked it'seeze to help design a new mobile friendly website to help compliment existing marketing services and promote their services further afield. 
You can view the new website here www.joannascaninedesign.co.uk 

29/07/2016 Lost in the web? 

As we all know the world wide web is evolving at lightning speed and over the last 7 years (since it'seeze first opened our doors in Colchester) there have been some massive changes.  
By far the most important (in my opinion) has been the move to browsing on tablets and mobile phones but another change we have noticed is people looking for specific services just want to get to the facts.  
So when we design websites in 2016 we need to make sure the user can not only navigate the website very easily (on any platform) but also get to the information they require quickly without having to click page after page or read through paragraph after paragraph of text. 
So take a look at your website, see how easy it is to navigate and look at it from a new clients point of view. Are you getting to the facts? Can you get to your main services quickly and is there a useful call to action at the end of the line? 
Of course it'seeze are happy to review your website for you for FREE just click here and we will get back to you with some useful suggestions. 

08/07/2016 Some new website designs from it'seeze Colchester 

21/06/2016 When did you last hear from your website designer? 

We're really busy today speaking to our clients; we make contact by telephone every two - three months to see how things are going and to see if we can offer any assistance! it's easier with it'seeze! 

07/06/2016 Thank you Colbea Colchester 

it'seeze are really proud to announce we have been awarded the Colbea Business Ambassador status. The new programme recognises people who have supported and worked with Colbea to provide training, support and mentoring to local businesses in and around Colchester. 
We look forward to supporting and working with Colbea and their clients in the future to helping build a better, stronger business community in Colchester. 

24/05/2016 A new logo for Instagram 

Instagram update their image with a new logo, we think it looks fantastic, if you are an it'seeze client and you have an old logo and link to instagram on your website let us know and we will update it for you. 

20/05/2016 We're keeping cool and designing a new mobile ready website for Climate Air Conditioning 

Climate AC is your local climate control specialist based in Colchester. Established in 1995, Climate AC supply booth commercial and domestic clients with air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration solutions. We are dedicated to supplying a reliable, specialist service for the installation, maintenance and repair. 
The new website (on it's way very soon) will provide a full overview of our services and some examples of our recent work. Click back to read more soon... 

17/05/2016 Why is speed so important when it comes to your website? 

Almost half of all web users now expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less and most will abandon a site that does not load in 3 seconds. This means that if your website is running at a snails pace you are going to loose out on business. 
If you are selling on the web 79% of all on-line shoppers who have trouble with website performance say they won’t be returning to buy again and about 44% will tell a friend if they have a poor experience shopping on a specific website. 
So it’s worth having a quick look to see how your website performs on both mobile and desktops, luckily Google provide a little tool and you can try a website speed test here: 
You can also contact us if you would like a full website review by clicking here… 

13/05/2016 A new mobile ready website for Mikes Golden Fish Dish Colchester coming some! 

We are really pleased to be working with Mikes Golden Fish Dish based just outside Colchester in Elmstead Market, the new website will contain up to date menu's and special offers. Look out for more information soon. 

12/05/2016 A new mobile ready website for Smart Drone 

We are really excited to be working with Smart Drone, a new Colchester based company specialising in drone video services, this website will be taking advantage of our ability to add unlimited videos to so look out for the new website flying in very soon. 

05/05/2016 It’s not as simple as “mobile friendly” it’s more “how mobile friendly” is your website? 

Before speaking to potential new clients we always review their existing website and the first thing we look at is how mobile friendly their website is across tablets and mobile telephones. 
With over 70% of searches now done on mobile platforms it’s really important that when people find your website it displays correctly on all screens. 
Looking at so many websites it’s clear that there are many different variations of “mobile friendly” and not all work so well… 
A few years ago the mobile problem was solved with two websites, one designed for the desktop screen and another sister website designed for mobile screens. This is all very good but the main issue is that you are running two websites so two lots of SEO and two websites to update. 
Other solutions appear to fit the website into the screen but then the website is very small making it unreadable forcing the user to zoom in and scroll across, so not really user friendly. 
Other examples we see are half mobile ready websites so the text is re-sized and fits the screen but images and logos either load incorrectly or don’t re-size making the website look broken on a small screen. 
If your aim it to encourage users to call you on the telephone or fill in a form it’s important that this is made as easy as possible on all screens. Forms should be finger friendly and telephone numbers should become one touch buttons. 
So if you think your website has been made mobile friendly it’s worth having another look or let us have a look for you by filling in this form… 

03/05/2016 Bateman Chiropractic goes mobile 

Check out our latest website designed to be mobile friendly. Bateman Chiropractic based in Colchester and you can view the website here:  

22/04/2016 A brand new website for Tower Alarms Colchester 

Check out our latest website designed for Tower Alarms based here in Colchester supplying quality domestic alarm solutions, View their new website here www.tower-alarms.co.uk 

05/04/2016 A brand new website for Assured Funding Ltd 

Check out our latest creation http://assuredfunding.co.uk/ a brand new website for Assured Funding Ltd based here in Colchester, Assured Funding are a specialist lending broker services for;  
Buy To Let mortgages, Bridging Loans, Portfolio Finance, Auction Finance, HMO's, Commercial Mortgages, Development Finance, Secured Loans, International and Expat financial services. 

23/03/2016 Ever wondered how to improve your Google Places page ranking? 

Google places or Google my Business is the list of local companies next to the map that appears in many searches. To the left is an example for "website design Colchester" 
So how can you improve your company listing in this section? Assuming you have claimed and verified your business page I would suggest you add a unique company description about 250 words (avoid key word cramming) and make sure it's not just copied and pasted from your website or another index - remember Google dislikes duplication! 
Make sure your address is correct and your business opening times are added. It's also important to add the main services you provide in the categories section. Google allows you to list up to 5 services, so make use of the space wisely. 
Google is also looking for address and phone number consistency across the web for your business so submitting your company to business directories will help Google establish you are a genuine company. If old addresses / details display in some directories then either update them yourself or contact the directory to arrange an update as they could have a negative effect on your listing. 
It goes without saying that you need to list your business address on your website 'contact us' page but I would also advise putting your address in the footer (bottom section of the page) of your website. Also embed a Google map onto your contact us page and display your phone number and opening times clearly. 
Once this is all done it's time to start requesting reviews, You need to ask clients to leaves reviews on your page. 
If Google sees your page contains reviews, it will list your page over a page that does not. 
If Google’s approach to search is providing the searcher with the most relevant up to date search result possible then regular reviews on your places page will help! 
Finally, I would suggest that you review and tweak your Google business page every couple of months. You should replace old images, tweak your company introduction and make sure all directories display the correct trading address. Simple stuff that shows Google you run an active company! 
Let it'seeze review your Google Places listing here for FREE... 

18/03/2016 View our latest helpful video here... 

Splitting page content into columns has been made really easy by those clever guys at it'seeze Head Office. 

07/03/2016 What is a ‘responsive’ website? 

A responsive website is a single website designed to adapt to any screen size making it really easy to use on a mobile phone or tablet and desktop computer – no pinching or horizontal scrolling required. 
The clever design instinctively adapts to fit the device it's being viewed on so it looks great on a mobile telephone, tablet and desktop Computer. Click here to read more about it'seeze responsive website design... 

26/02/2016 A Fantastic New Website for 2xcite Ltd 

it'seeze have been asked to design a brand new website for 2xcite based just outside Ipswich, they have asked us to design a fully mobile ready, easy to edit and navigate e-commerce website, look out for the new site it should be with us in a could of weeks. Have a great weekend everyone.  
New website now live here: www.2xcite.co.uk 

03/02/2016 Amy joins it'seeze to help with client support 

It'seeze Colchester are really happy to welcome Amy who has joined our client support team based in our Colchester office. 
Amy will be supporting existing clients and making sure they are happy with their websites. Amy will also be offering help with updating websites as well as offering assistance to help make clients sites as effective as possible. Welcome aboard Amy. 

02/02/2016 Google becomes the most valuable listed company overtaking Apple! 

Google's global revenues rose to 13% to $75bn (£52) last year making them become the world’s most valuable listed company. 
For the last 3 Months of 2015 the group took a record $1.9bn of revenues from its UK customers, up 16% on 2014 making it the most valuable listed company overtaking Apple.  

20/01/2016 A new website for Vision Getaways 

Vision Getaways provide a range of quality day trips as well as transportation to and from national events including rock concerts, theatre evenings and shows. With over thirty five years experience in the travel industry our management team are constantly looking for new destinations and events to add to our range of services. 
This is why the it'seeze CMS works so well for Vision Getaways because it allows the management to update their website at any time, even when on the move. You can now view the new website here http://visiongetaways.co.uk/ 

05/01/2016 A new website for DC Fire Safety 

It's only the 5th and it'seeze have been busy creating a new website for DC Fire Safety based in Colchester. 
If you are uncertain about whether your business premises are compliant with fire safety regulations, contact DC Fire Safety to discuss how we can help.We have helped many businesses reach fire safety compliance, safeguarding jobs, lives and peace of mind in the process. The new website is on it's way very soon. 

15/12/2015 A new website for a new business... 

it'seeze have been very busy today finalising a new website with our client RMJ Staffing Solutions based in Hadleigh. 
RMJ Staffing Solutions are expert talent finders. With 16 years of safer recruitment and retention experience we are committed to doing recruitment the right way! 
Our vision is to be our clients first call for all their staffing needs. 

08/12/2015 New Year New Business? 

Are you about to launch a new business in 2016? One thing you will need is a shiny new website to help you promote your products and services. 
This is where it'seeze can help, our website packages are designed specifically for new and established SME's who understand the importance of a professional, flexible website but who also require local support to help them get the most from their e-marketing activity. 
Contact us today for a chat to see how we can help 01206 512093 or fill in the form here… we will get back to you asap. 
You can also view some examples of our work here... 
01/12/2015 Save a £100 in December 
If you are looking for a new website, December is the perfect month to sign up with it'seeze. As well as a fantastic mobile friendly website you will also save £100 pounds if you go ahead before the 23rd December Click here for more information... 

04/11/2016 Tapper Financial Services website goes mobile friendly... 

This month it'seeze are helping more clients to make their website mobile friendly and this week it's Tapper Financial Services who have made the change.  
There are two main benefits to this, one users of the website will have a much better experience when then navigate the website on a tablet of smart phone and two Google will recognise the website is now fully responsive and this will have a positive effect on the websites SEO. To find out more about how your website can be made mobile friendly give us a call on 01206 512093  

16/10/2015 Two Clients win awards... 

Really proud of two clients who won awards last night Sally at http://www.writewai.com/ and Lyndee at https://lnkd.in/eBTsWkR well done guys! 
01/10/2015 it'seeze Web Consultants are 6 years old 
it'seeze Colchester are celebrating our 6th birthday this month and we would like to say a massive thanks to all our clients past and present, partners, supporters, friends and colleagues! 
It's been a roller coaster of fun since we first opened our doors in Colchester back in 2009. The Internet has changed massively over the last 6 years and we have been dedicated to providing our clients with the very best website solutions to meet their needs as well as excellent on-going local support. 
Thanks again Oliver 
30/9/15 How to boost your Google Ranking - Part Two... 
So here it is! Part two of how to boost your Google Ranking. In part one (scroll down to see this article) we looked at Title Tags, Description Text and Alt Tags. This time we're looking at Content, Header Tags and Keywords. Check out the video here! 
29/09/2015  A fantastic screen wide mobile friendly website for Tap Acoustics goes live to replace a desktop and mobile combination! Check out the client testimonial here....  Dear Oliver and the guys at it’seeze Colchester  Thank you for our fantastic web site. In our opinion our site is now the best in the industry, your service and to attention to detail exemplary. If anyone should ever doubt your abilities they should look at our site, send their money and enjoy the outcome. Many thanks for this pleasurable experience.   Cliff Jackson Managing Director www.tapacoustic.com 
23/9/15 How’s your Broadband speed…? 
BT have made pledges this week to make the UK the “fastest broadband nation” after being criticised by competitors about the quality of UK broadband.  
A BBC article yesterday outlines some of BT’s plans which include aiming for a new universal minimum broadband speed of 5-10Mbps, plus 10 million premises to receive speeds of between 300-500Mbps by the end of 2020, with 1Gbps also provided. 
Even if your current speed isn't’t as good as you’d like, don’t worry! It’seeze websites are designed to load super fast. All images are re-sized to look great on any size screen and be web-friendly. Any video content is hosted from external sources rather than being embedded in your site and we use HTML5 to build our sites because it’s fast loading. Google loves a fast-loading site which improves your search engine ranking. 
So, what’s your broad band speed like? Try this test at Which? to find out. 
16/9/15 How to boost your Google ranking - Part One 
Despite what many would have you believe, there’s no magic way to get your website into a top ranking position on Google. But don’t despair, there’s plenty that you can do to boost your ranking and help your potential customers to find your website. Here's part one of our top tips… 
1. Regularly update and refresh your website content. Search engines love websites which change regularly and the ones with the most recent content are considered most relevant to web surfers. If you haven’t made any changes to your site for a while it will be slipping down the rankings. News items, images and testimonials are easy ways to keep your site looking fresh and showing Google and your customers that you’re relevant and busy. 
2. Are your customers searching for you on a mobile device? If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site this will affect your Google ranking on mobiles and tablets. A mobile friendly site is one that displays correctly on any sized screen. It will load faster, include the most relevant information and look better on a small screen than a conventional site. Since June 2015, all new itseeze websites are on our Responsive (mobile friendly) platform. If you’re an existing customer and want to find out more about upgrading to a responsive site, please get in touch on 01206 512093. 
3. The dark art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). No doubt you’ve had calls from various companies promising you that they can work magic on your SEO to boost your Google rankings (we get those calls too!). Your itseeze website will have the basics set up for you but there’s loads you can do to improve the SEO yourself without needing to hire expensive consultants to do it for you. Have a look at this video which guides you through setting up Title Tags and Page Descriptions as well as Alt Tags for your images. Look out for more on SEO in part two... 
09/09/2015 Are you a compulsive mobile phone checker? 
We’re intrigued by this article in the Telegraph suggesting we Brits check our phones 27 times a day on average. Apparently some of us check our phones hundreds of times each day and the favourite place to do it is on public transport.  
A third of us will admit to checking our phones in a restaurant and worryingly, 20% of 18-24 year-olds say they check their phones when crossing the road! You can take a quiz to see if you’re a compulsive phone checker and if you check your phone more than is normal for your age!  
We did the quiz here at Itseeze Colchester, and apparently we check our phones more than average! The article, based on a report by Deloitte, reflects our own observations on how modern touchscreen smart phones have so quickly become an essential part of our lives, enabling us to do all kinds of tasks from our phones that we previously could only do from a laptop or PC, including shopping for products and services.  
All the more reason to consider a mobile-friendly responsive website for your business if you haven’t already! Check out the article and quiz here and if you’d like more information about responsive websites, click here and watch the video at the bottom of the page. 
02/09/2015 Google launch new logo. What do you think...? 
Google have responded to the increased use of mobile devices to surf the web, by changing their logo to a simple, uncluttered version that looks great on any sized screen. In their official blog, Google said that one key challenge when creating the new logo was refining what made Google "googley". We love it! What do you think...? 
AJS Colchester goes mobile friendly, to view the website click here...  
Colchester MP Will Quince pops in to visit it'seeze and other SME's in Colbea this morning. 
it’seeze Website Design Colchester are pleased to launch our all new fully responsive regional website! It’s so important for businesses to make sure their websites are readable and navigable on phones and tablets as well as desktops. 
itseeze launch our amazing new mobile friendly website packages.  
We have been working on this project for over 18 months and now are really pleased to announce that all new it’seeze websites are designed as responsive or “mobile friendly” Contact us here for more information… 
it'seeze working with Hero Driving School Colchester 
The Hero Driving School based in Colchester have asked it'seeze to re-design their main website and create a mobile ready sister site. They require access to update and add news articles so the unique it'seeze CMS is the perfect solution. New website on its way soon. 
Really looking forward to creating a brand new website for Tendring Lettings Ltd 
Tendring Lettings Ltd, an established letting agents based just outside Colchester and covering the Tendring area have asked it'seeze Colchester to create a new user friendly website for their business. Based on their existing branding and look, we have been asked to provide a website with the flexibility to allow Tendring Lettings control their own website content. Website on it's way. 
Part time client support person required, based in Colchester Essex 
An exciting opportunity to work with one of Colchester’s leading / established Website Design Consultancies, initially on a part time basis (1-2 days per week) but with the opportunity to get more involved later on. You will be based in the Colchester Business Centre (COLBEA) you may also be required to work remotely at times to cover holidays etc. Click here to read more... 
A new website for Castle HR on its way soon 
Based in Colchester, Castle HR provides a range of affordable, professional HR services covering everything from recruitment to retirement planning. From support with interviewing to managing grievances, Castle HR can support you with whatever you need, whenever you need it. The new website's on it's way and will be up and running in the next couple of weeks. 
Before you employ your new website designer 
Make sure their own website is listed well on Google locally. If they can't get their own business listed on page 1 then what hope do they have for yours? Google "Website Design Colchester" it's easy! 
A website for Wilson Electrical based in Colchester 
It'seeze Colchester have been asked to create Wilson Electrical's first ever website. Wilson Electrical who have been trading for 20 years provide a range of domestic and commercial electrical services in the Colchester and Ipswich area including Pat Testing, Fire Alarm installations. their new website will be designed to show the full range of services on offer. More information coming soon... 
New year, new company, new website... 
A new website for The Therapy Clinic based in Colchester is on it's way. The team holds expertise in many areas; Depression, Anxiety, Post-Traumatic stress, Perinatal, Bereavement, Phobias, Personality Disorders, Couples work, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder amongst many other debilitating mental health issues. 
The new website should be up and running within a couple of weeks. 
A new website for Ultimatley Glass, on it's way... 
Ultimatley Glass based in Chelmsford have asked us to design their new company logo, company branding and website as part of their plans to promote their company and services further in the Essex area. You can view the new logo and the website is to follow shortly. 
Google places is totally FREE so use it! 
As a small business selling services and products to local clients you need every help you can get to get seen. Google places has been around for a while but I still meet many companies who don’t even know what it is. Sign up and give Google as much information as you can about you and your business. Post pictures on Google places and revisit it every few months to make sure your profile is correct and up to date. 
Website Tip...Keep your website navigation really simple 
Most people are in a hurry and don’t want to work for the information they are looking for. As a rule men will click off in 3 seconds and women in 5 if they are not getting the information they want. You main category headings should be visible on every page, so the user can get back to your “home page” or over to your “contact us page” very easily. Also make sure all your information is within two – three clicks of your homepage. 
So what's your bounce rate? 
Your bounce rate is an instance where a visitor lands on your website and then goes no further, so exits without taking any other action. We all do it - land on a website and then for whatever reason click off, it could be loading speed, it could be site design, images, to much text, bad layout, the list is endless! First we need to monitor our websites bounce rate and you can use Google Analytics for this. Generally an acceptable website bounce rate is about 50-55%. However, if your website has a good ranking on search engines then you are likely to see a higher bounce rate because your site will also rank highly for less relevant terms. 
You can learn more by clicking here... 
Welcome back to Claire Wilkins HR 
As an independent Human Resources consultancy, Claire Wilkins HR provide specialist HR advice and support to small and medium sized businesses, when needed. 
The use of our services is often a practical and cost effective option for businesses of this size that are unable to justify the employment of an in-house HR department.  
Our new website is on it's way... 
An early Christmas present from it'seeze 
Maximise your ability to find new business in 2014-2015 with a fantastic, easy-to-edit website from as little as £100 + VAT to setup. 
1. Get in touch for a no-obligation, free consultation. Tel: 01206 512093 
2. Order your it’seeze website on or before December 23rd 2014 
3. Send us all the text and images you want on your website within 30 calendar days. 
4. Sit back, enjoy the festive season and let us custom-design your new website. 
5. When your website goes live for the world to see, we will pay you £50 cash back. 
Ever Tried Google Real-Time to monitor your website? 
As we all know Google Analytics is a great FREE tool designed to help website owners monitor and review their websites activity. There's a little tool within the Analytics package that's called Real-Time and it's well worth a look. Real-Time shows how many people are viewing your website at that time, the page is updated continuously and each page view is reported a few seconds after it occurs. It’s really clever and gives some interesting feedback on an easy use platform, Real Time also shows: 
The viewer’s geographic location 
The exact page they are viewing at that time 
The keywords and websites that referred them 
Conversions as they happen. 
It's also worth using Real Time when you are updating the social platforms as it will tell you how effective specific tweets or updates are that encourage people to click through to your website. 
A new website for the Muscle Movement Colchester 
For Clothing, Training Guides and much more The Muscle Movement based in Colchester have asked it'seeze to create their new website, here is a sneak preview, the websites not quite ready but we will be sure to update once it's fully tested and ready to roll. 
You want website stats? You got them with it'seeze 
So you have your shiny new website and the feedback from clients and friends is all thumbs up but what is really going on behind the scenes? If you are lucky enough to have an it'seeze website you will have full access to a range of website statistics that will help you to review and improve your websites visibility. Your local consultant can run through the it'seeze stats page but we have also created a short video to help clients understand the information better. Click the video to learn more... 
A brand new website for it'seeze Colchester 
Even website designers need to keep their websites 100% up to date so we decided to give our own site a face-lift this month. The old site was a couple of years old so it's a good time to review. Changes include new images and headings, clearer navigation, a video introduction on the home page and a prompt to allow users to get their own websites reviewed across the website. 
A new E-Commerce website for Colchester Press 
it'seeze Colchester are really pleased to be working with Colchester Press, a company we have known for many years. Colchester Press need a website that will put them in control so they can update special offers themselves. They also need to be able to add new pages themselves as well as being able to monitor their website traffic, all standard features with the unique it'seeze CMS. Website on it's way... 
A new website and logo for TSC Projects 
TSC Projects initially approached it'seeze Colchester to create their company logo and corporate branding, we were then asked to translate the brand onto a corporate brochure website that the client could easily update themselves. Our it'seeze lite package was the perfect solution as TSC only needed a 5 page website to start with. 
You can view the new website here http://www.tscprojects.co.uk/ 
Time for a website upgrade for Ingeni Services Ltd 
...more information coming soon. 
A brand new website for The Office Minder 
Based just outside Colchester, Office Minder provide a range of accountancy and secretarial services to SME's in the local area. You can visit the new website here 
30/06/2014 Innes Cole launch their brand new website 
Innes Cole who have been established in Colchester for over 40 years launch their brand new website today. The business is very much fashion orientated and carries a number of leading brands, such as Paul and Shark, Ted Baker, Eden Park and Henri Lloyd plus others. Visit the new website here http://innescole.co.uk/ 
23/06/2014 A new website for AJS Gas - Heating & Renewables 
Based in Colchester AJS Gas - Heating & Renewables offer a range of plumbing and heating services to both domestic and commercial clients. 
The new website has been designed to allow AJS to promote other services they are now offering as well as underfloor heating solutions & renewable products, you can view the new website here http://www.ajsenergy.com/ 
20/06/2014 A fantastic new website created for Dyslexia Assist 
Dyslexia Assist has been setup by a group of Colchester based parents to advise both parents and kids dealing with Dyslexia. The website has been designed to be interactive and fun but also useful and informative. 
You can view video and listen to sound clips as well as interact with others with similar questions and ideas. View the new website here http://dyslexia-assist.org.uk/ 
it'seeze Colchester working with Jacqui Robinson Education Centre 
We are pleased to announce we have been asked to create a brand new website for the Jacqui Robinson Education Centre based just outside Colchester. As well as re designing the old website we have been asked to create an interactive testimonials page so students can leave feedback.  
We will also be creating a client log-in area so students can access documents and updates when required. The new website should be available to view within two weeks. 
Add a Sound Cloud clip to your it'seeze Website 
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